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Brock & Palmintier Law

Beau and Lori are partners in our law firm of Brock & Palmintier. 

 We would like to help your family to solve any legal crises that confront you. Our law firm’s main areas of focus include: 

  • Criminal Defense
  • Sex Crimes Defense
  • Environmental Law including Civil Compliance Actions, Permitting, and Criminal Defense
  • DWI and Traffic Violations
  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Car Accidents
  • Personal Injury 

Beau has practiced law for 29 years. Beau’s primary areas of practice include DWI, criminal defense, environmental law, and personal injury. Previously, he worked at the private law firm of Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Belanger from 2011 - 2019. Before entering private practice, he was employed at LDEQ as a member of the Secretary’s Executive Staff from 2008-2011. From March 1999 – February 2008, he worked as Regional Criminal Enforcement Council for the Environmental Protection Agency, and provided in-house legal oversight to all Federal criminal investigations conducted in Louisiana by the EPA Criminal Investigation Division. Prior to joining EPA, he served as an Assistant District Attorney for East Baton Rouge Parish from October 1991 – March 1999, and was lead counsel on over 50 successful jury trials. His two criminal defense jury trials have both resulted in not guilty verdicts. 

In 1988, he graduated from Louisiana State University and from the L.S.U. Law Center in 1991. He is a member of the Louisiana Bar Association, Baton Rouge Bar Association and is an Associate member of the Baton Rouge Association of Women Attorneys. Beau is a frequent lecturer on professionalism, criminal law and environmental law and policy issues. Beau believes strongly in committing to our community and has served as a volunteer at his church, several schools, the YMCA as a coach, and as a charity fund-raiser.

In addition to recently publishing a book on coaching middle school & youth basketball, Run to Win: The Mongoose System: Coaching Middle School & Youth Basketball, (available online directly from amazon.com), some of the articles and materials he has published include the following:

  • Andre Belanger, Beau James Brock, The Practice of Criminal Defense, Principles of Why We Fight, 257 Around the Bar 10 (September 2011)
  •  Getting to Know Some of Baton Rouge’s Young Criminal Lawyers, 257 Around the Bar 20 (September 2011) 
  • Don’t Tread on Me! Greenhouse Gases Must Never Choke American Freedom, 3 Regent J.L. & Pub. Pol’y 139 (Spring 2011) 
  • Leviathan Menacing the Gulf Coast: Catastrophic Consequences May Imperil the Rule of Law, 18 Buff. Envt'l. L.J. 131 (Fall 2010)
  • Modern American Supreme Court Judicial Methodology and Its Origins: A Critical Analysis of the Legal Thought of Roscoe Pound, 35 J. Legal Prof. 187 (Spring 2011) 
  • Beau James Brock, Peggy Hatch & Vladimir Alexander Appeaning. Ph.D., Protecting Our Most Vulnerable Communities: Louisiana Wastewater Infrastructure Recovery, 18 U. Balt. J. Envtl. L. 1 (Fall 2010) 
  • Hanousek v. United States: Social Engineering Encroaching on Individual Liberty, 245 Around the Bar 18 (May 2010) 
  • H. Leggett, B. Brock, The Moral Limits of Jurisdiction, 27 Environmental Forum 32 (May/June 2010) 
  • Iconography and the Polite Art of Saying Nice Doggie, The Bencher (July/August 2009, p. 10) 
  • A Profile of the District Attorney’s Office, East Baton Rouge, LA, 36 The Prosecutor 42 (March/April 2002) 
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  • The Current State of Environmental Criminal Enforcement in Louisiana, An Insider’s View, 162 Around the Bar 14 (Dec. 2001) 
  • Professionalism Lost:  Where have you gone Atticus Finch? Our Nation turns its lonely eyes to you..., 156 Around the Bar 10 (April 2001)
  • Comment, Mr. Justice Antonin Scalia: A Renaissance of Positivism and Predictability in Constitutional Adjudication, 51 La. L. Rev. 623 (1991).

Lori’s primary areas of practice include personal injury, family and divorce law, DWI, criminal defense, environmental law, and general law. Previously, she practiced as Staff Attorney for Judge Richard “Chip” Moore in the 19th Judicial District Court, and as an Associate at the private law firm of Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Belanger, P.L.C. along with Beau. 

She graduated from Southern University Law Center, cum laude, in 2013. While in law school, she received the Cali Award for her Labor Law classwork. She also participated in the Criminal Law Clinic and Mediation Clinic at Southern.

Lori graduated from Parkview Baptist High School, in Baton Rouge, after moving to Baton Rouge at an early age from Arkansas. She graduated from LSU with a Bachelor of General Studies degree concentrating in Biological Sciences, Psychology, and Sociology. Before law school, Lori also worked “in the real world” as a Medical Equipment Sales Representative for LA Rehab Products and Duramed, Inc.

She is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, Baton Rouge Bar Association, Baton Rouge Association for Women Attorneys, Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Wex S. Malone American Inn of Court. In addition to litigation, Lori’s professional life includes serving on the Bench Bar Committee of the Baton Rouge Bar Association, participating in the Baton Rouge Bar Association Mock Trial Competition, and teaching Continuing Legal Education seminars.

Lori is blessed with two children, Trip & Violet. She enjoys spending leisure time with her children and being active with her friends and family, especially when there is a lake or river nearby!

What our clients have said about us...

Beau Brock Rocks! 

Client wrote on AVVO

Looking for an awesomely competent, person-centered, and results-oriented attorney for your legal defense needs? Mr. Beau Brock is your man!

Beau jumped to my defense during the very darkest hours of my life as I faced possible arrest on a sexual misconduct allegation. He was such a blessing to me during the whole process – relating to me like a close and trusted friend who just happens to also be an amazing attorney as well! He and his paralegal Eileen responded quickly and aggressively - like a dynamic duo!

I learned about Beau through a colleague. When I looked him up on his website, read his professional blub, and saw his kind, smiling face there, I knew he was the defense attorney for me. As evident by his website, Beau is very personable, family-oriented and a dedicated Christian. He genuinely cares. Over the first hours of working on my case, we shared our love of our families, our friends, and our faith, which helped to distract me from the horror of a possible arrest – which would have literally ruined my life. And I was comforted that Beau always had a plan of action, which he shared with me each step of the way.

From the start, Beau was very accessible and highly responsive. He shared his cell phone with me - even before we had our first face-to-face meeting! Throughout the process, he always responded to my calls/ texts promptly and cordially. He even took time to meet with me over the weekend (after the LSU game was over, of course!)

Beau demonstrated a respectful and effective working relationship with law enforcement, which was critical in my case. He promptly called the detective and kept him from “jumping the gun” in making an arrest, giving the time needed for the allegation to be fully investigated for the facts – aggressively defending my innocence.

And Beau’s fee schedule was very reasonable. I was able to pay a fair retainer fee, rather than being charged for this and that, by the hour, by the call, by the letter, etc., as I understand some attorneys do. This greatly helped me to budget and pay for my legal defense expenses. Plus, he let me know exactly how much would be needed each step of the way, in the event that I did get arrested and had to go to trial – which never happened thanks to Beau’s amazing work - Alleluia!

Beau was truly a God-send to me. A 5-star rating is just not enough to fully express his awesomeness and the depth of my gratitude!

God Bless You, Beau! And Eileen too! 

Client, January 12, 2020

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Port in a Storm

Posted by client on AVVO

I met Beau (and his wonderful Paralegal, Eileen) under the most heartbreaking circumstances that any mother could endure. My son was incarcerated, and had been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. They gave up their Sunday afternoon to come to the hospital after a pleading phone call from someone they had never met. I was lost, heartbroken, terrified, and angry. This kind and gentle soul worked nonstop to help guide us through all that had to be done, hoping for a compassionate release so that my son could spend his last days at home. They were tireless. Emailing, texts, trips to the prison, always (and I mean always) available to myself and my son, and taking care of all the paperwork that had to be done. When my son passed, Beau took on things that had to be done...........because I just couldn't.

Although I ultimately lost my son, I could not have found a more hard working, caring, empathetic, honest attorney for 10 times the cost. I have friends for life with Beau and Eileen. What amazing people. How blessed I am that we found one another.

A Hero in a Bow tie!!

 Posted by Client on AVVO

The day that I met my attorney was a day I will never forget. My parents hired him to help me with two charges while I was on felony probation. At this point in my life I was lost, broken, addicted to drugs, and I had absolutely no one. The only person I had was him!! I was on a probation hold and unfortunately I was not able at the time to leave the jail. Beau Brock came to the back of the courthouse where they were holding inmates for court. We spoke for a second and he said this to me, "if you just listen to me, do everything that I say, and I guarantee you that you will get through this and have a normal life." At the time I didn't know what to do or think. Here is this man, a stranger, telling me a drug addict that I could have a normal life. I was so aggravated at first because a normal life to me sounded like something that i was not able to poses. The time moved forward and I developed a personal understanding for everything that I needed to do. The time came for me to be released from jail, however, court appearances were still a must for the next couple of years. I continued to stay on the right track. I was no longer a addict. The agreements Beau Brock made to the judge for me helped me do exactly what he said he would do. He helped me recover. He helped me restore my faith in a society that I now was able to be a part of, Every court date things got better. It was because of the support from this complete stranger who now was a dear friend. Beau Brock changed my life. He gave me hope. He made me realize that mistakes can be fixed correctly by obeying the law. Our journey together is getting very close to the end. I am a reformed and recovered addict. I am a law abiding citizen that has a family, love, and support. The broken lost soul that I was can hold my head high now. I could have never done any of these things if it wasn't for Beau Brock and his team. If you want honesty, loyal, and a dedicated lawyer, you will be making a big mistake by not choosing him. I thank God for my new friend and attorney everyday. I am blessed beyond measure because Beau Brock believed in me when I didn't believe in my self. He fulfilled his promise and still to this day I have a great life!!


5.0 stars

Posted by client on AVVO for Lori

Lori was very helpful and knowledgeable, with my case. Very attentive to my situation and i really appreciated, because it allowed me to move one with my life without this being a hinderance. It ended in a dismissal and I am so grateful for her help and her law firms help.

Teenagers can be stupid!

5.0 stars

Posted by client on AVVO

Beau Brock helped me with a teenager who had got into trouble with his friends. He was so wonderful working with the young people and explaining to them how the law worked and what they needed to do to stay out of trouble as well as protect themselves. He kept everything confidential and was a wonderful teacher and attorney. I will never forget what he did for those kids. I recommend him to everyone I know. Beau Brock knew exactly what to do and made certain things were done very quickly. Thanks Mr Brock!

Case Dismissed

5.0 stars

Posted by client on AVVO

When I first was looking for Attorney for my son had no Clue where to begin so went to Google Search and called 3 attorneys out of the 3, The First response came from James Manasseh office, received a call from a very sweet and caring lady Named Lori Palmintier

Lori always kept in touch with me every step of the way and even when we came to a close door she worked very hard to find a way to open it never gave up, with her Contacts and Co-Workers she did it, She worked direct with DA's Office the Judge and didn't Stop until she made it all happen she was able to clear my Son of all charges and always kept me informed and always make me feel certain that she could do the Job and with all her hard work she did it and I can't Thank her enough she is Great and if anyone would ever ask me if Iknew an attorney I will be more than Confident to give anyone her name in and Number.

Lori my Family and I Thank You for your Hard work.

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