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Client Reviews

Count on us to present your case using our full knowledge of all legal options available. At Brock & Palmintier Law, with over 40 years of combined legal experience, we work hard to help you achieve the desired results.  

Please read some of our clients' reviews of our efforts for them.  Every case does rest on its own specific facts and merits.

Outstanding Representation


“Beau, along with the firm's team of Lori Palmintier and Emily Lindig, did a fantastic job of representing me and the best interests of my three children. Beau and Team are the second firm I have used to represent me and I will definitely stay with them for future needs. Very knowledgeable of the law, but also worked with me to create several solutions to the issues that faced me and my children. Worked very quickly to get the matter under control and then swiftly and effectively to get the resolution needed for my family. Willing to settle matters in mediation if needed and not cautious about putting matters before the judge. Presented an accurate representation of what I was up against and therefore I felt prepared in court. Very happy with the outcome and will continue to have him and the firm represent my interests.”

Clarity & Resolution


“As the adage goes, “When you see a turtle on a fence post, you know two things. First, he didn’t get there by himself; and, Second, now that he’s up there, he is not going to know what to do. Well, unlike the turtle, I knew how I got myself on top of the fence post; but like the turtle – I absolutely did not know what to do - facing charges of simple assault and disturbing the peace.

The criminal justice system can be a hostile and foreboding environment to be in.

The attorneys at Brock and Palmintier were able to meet with me immediately, provide the clarity and insights necessary to settle frayed nerves and initiate the process which would ultimately lead to an acceptable resolution. Please, do not underestimate the combined value of legal knowledge and practical experience – I needed both on my side; and Beau Brock and Lori Palmintier provided it! They will always have my sincerest appreciation.”

A Small Sampling of Lori Palmintier’s AVVO Reviews:

Absolutely the best


“When I say absolutely amazing this lady showed up and showed out on short notice and with little information she made sure any and everything I wanted I got it without her breaking a sweat I highly recommend if you’re looking for a Rottweiler/pitbull.”

A Small Sampling of Beau Brock’s AVVO Reviews: 

A Hero in a Bow tie!!


“The day that I met my attorney was a day I will never forget. My parents hired him to help me with two charges while I was on felony probation. At this point in my life I was lost, broken, addicted to drugs, and I had absolutely no one. The only person I had was him!! I was on a probation hold and, unfortunately, I was not able at the time to leave the jail. Beau Brock came to the back of the courthouse where they were holding inmates for court. We spoke for a second and he said this to me, "if you just listen to me, do everything that I say, and I guarantee you that you will get through this and have a normal life." At the time I didn't know what to do or think. Here is this man, a stranger, telling me a drug addict that I could have a normal life. I was so aggravated at first because a normal life to me sounded like something that i was not able to poses. The time moved forward and I developed a personal understanding for everything that I needed to do. The time came for me to be released from jail, however, court appearances were still a must for the next couple of years. I continued to stay on the right track. I was no longer an addict. The agreements Beau Brock made to the judge for me helped me do exactly what he said he would do. He helped me recover. He helped me restore my faith in a society that I now was able to be a part of. Every court date things got better. It was because of the support from this complete stranger who now was a dear friend. Beau Brock changed my life. He gave me hope. He made me realize that mistakes can be fixed correctly by obeying the law. Our journey together is getting very close to the end. I am a reformed and recovered addict. I am a law-abiding citizen that has a family, love, and support. The broken lost soul that I was can hold my head high now. I could have never done any of these things if it wasn't for Beau Brock and his team. If you want honesty, loyal, and a dedicated lawyer, you will be making a big mistake by not choosing him. I thank God for my new friend and attorney every day. I am blessed beyond measure because Beau Brock believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. He fulfilled his promise and still to this day I have a great life!!”

A Small Sampling of Emily Lindig’s AVVO Reviews: 

Hats off


“When first meeting her you would think she so sweet and bubbly not saying that she isn’t but when it comes down to business she gets straight to the point quiet but deadly she is phenomenal and no question asks she gets the job done I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney on my case she kept me grounded and made sure everything I wanted I got well making sure I kept a level head I really can’t thank you enough”

A Hero in a Bow Tie 

“I met Beau (and his wonderful paralegal, Eileen) under the most heartbreaking circumstances that any mother could endure. My son was incarcerated and had been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. They gave up their Sunday afternoon to come to the hospital after a pleading phone call from someone they had never met.”

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“The day that I met my attorney was a day I will never forget. My parents hired him to help me with two charges while I was on felony probation. At this point in my life I was lost, broken, addicted to drugs, and I had absolutely no one. The only person I had was him!! I was on a probation hold and unfortunately, I was not able at the time to leave the jail.”
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Teenagers Can Be Stupid!

“Lori was very helpful and knowledgeable with my case; very attentive to my situation, and I really appreciated, because it allowed me to move on with my life without this being a hindrance. It ended in dismissal and I am so grateful for her help and her law firm's help. 5.0 stars!”

- Posted by a client on AVVO

Case Dismissed

“Beau Brock helped me with a teenager who had got into trouble with his friends. He was so wonderful working with the young people and explaining to them how the law worked and what they needed to do to stay out of trouble as well as protect themselves. He kept everything confidential and was a wonderful teacher and attorney. Read More

“When I first was looking for Attorney for my son had no clue where to begin so went to Google Search and called 3 attorneys out of the 3, The first response came from James Manasseh office, received a call from a very sweet and caring lady named Lori Palmintier.

“Lori always kept in touch with me every step of the way and even when we came to a closed door, she worked very hard to find a way to open it, never gave up. With her contacts and coworkers, she did it. She worked directly with the DA's Office and the judge and didn't stop until she made it all happen. She was able to clear my son of all charges.” Read More

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